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VPS IP Transit & Internet

Fibersix is an Internet Service Provider based in Cava de' Tirreni (Salerno) offering VPS IP Transit, Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Domains, Web Hosting and Internet throughout Italy

VPS IP Transit

Get your VPS with BGP session, IPv4 and IPv6 Transit on Italian native bandwidth, and start announcing your IP addresses.
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Activate your fixed Internet line throughout Italy with FTTH, FTTC, FWA and ADSL technology and discover all the additional services. Available soon.

Domains e Web Hosting

Register your Internet domain with a web hosting plan and let your ideas fly on your new site.
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Reliability, Security and Speed

Some information about Fibersix


The beating 'heart' of the Fibersix network is located in Convergenze S.p.A.'s Convergenze Innovation Center at Capaccio Paestum (Salerno, Italy) and uses native Italian bandwidth through MIX and Namex exchanges.

Dedicated IT support

The Fibersix team will support you with the configuration of your services should there be any problems or in case of any needs.

Data Security

Our infrastructure, starting from the upstream interconnection to our servers, is redundant and we constantly take care of your data.

IPv6: ready for the future

Fibersix's specialised team has been correctly implementing IPv6 since its inception and seeks to promote it throughout its network infrastructure in every single aspect. Discover now all the advantages of a fully dual stack Italian internet service provider.

Anti-DDoS protection

Fibersix's Anti-DDoS protection can handle up to 20 Gbit/s and we constantly monitor the traffic with FastNetMon to be able to recognise any new attack attempts and resolve them as quickly as possible, ensuring the best service for our customers.

Availability of service

Fibersix makes use of one of the best datacentres in southern Italy, the Convergenze Innovation Center, and with its redundant power grid and national and international interconnections we can guarantee our customers excellent uptime.

Customer Success

24/7 Technical Support and Consulting

Whatever the problem, the Fibersix team will be able to support you

IT/EN Technical Support

The Fibersix team will support you 24/7 in English and Italian. We will be available to support you in any of your needs or to promptly resolve any malfunctions that may occur.

Managed services and consultancy

In addition to standard technical support, Fibersix also offers managed services and IT consulting starting from the simple configuration of a router up to the configuration and management of your entire network.

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