About us

The story of a small emerging operator in southern Italy

Fibersix is more than just a company, Fibersix is innovation!

Fibersix, from the first day it was conceived, was born to be dual stack in every hardware and software configuration. We paid special attention to IPv6 and wanted to imprint it in our name: Fiber-Six.

From the outset, the challenge was not an extremely simple one; in Italy, IPv4 still prevails by far compared to other countries (including Europe) where the adoption of IPv6 is more bursting.

But here we are, ready for the future. And we are happy to accept advice, we are growing... we need constructive criticism.

Fibersix boasts the ability to offer IP Transit (IPv4 and IPv6) through a datacenter in southern Italy. The Italian community of enthusiasts who have their own Autonomous System (AS) is growing steadily and we want to support them in providing mainly IPv6 Transit (IPv4 subnets are exhausted - and therefore expensive) for all experiments to learn the use and configurations of IPv6.

But we can do a lot, from the simplest to the most complex.

In addition to IP Transit on VPS, we also offer colocation service in the "Convergenze Innovation Center" datacenter of Convergenze S.p.A. (AS39120), the possibility to register internet domains, web hosting space and soon also fixed internet lines.

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